Monday, August 11, 2008

The Literary Welcome

Welcome to the liteary. Again.

About four years ago I wrote a blog called, “The Literary.” I decided to end it as I had found some unplanned conflict between my creative work and my journalism. Often, being too open about my opinions, the words came back to bite me.

But I’ve been feeling a lack since not writing it--I enjoyed casting my thoughts out there and getting feedback on them. I had so many people read that blog and email me, it was a kind of nice little literary community that I found through the web, and I enjoyed it. Thus, I’ve decided to attempt it again. So, “The Literary” is reborn. Or, to borrow the sign on a local taqueria, this is my Grand Re-Opening.

This is a (hopefully) productive diversion. I’m still taking all the time I can to write fiction, send work out, wait patiently for rejection letters.

Yes, wait patiently for rejections. It sound harsh, but that’s the way it goes. And in this stack of rejections, I have to admit, quite a few of what I’m calling “positive rejections.” These become my little blurbs to feed my continuing effort. Here is one:

“Dear Robert-- A very good story--I was waiting for it to go beyond a situational sketch. It felt like good journalism, and didn’t go as deep as I was hoping for. But it’s good work and I’d love to see more of your writing.”

And this one:

“Extremely interesting idea--written from perspective of Iraqi. We enjoyed your piece--perhaps strengthen story line, voice is fantastic.”

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