Sunday, March 22, 2009

Story Known As

I'm pleased and astounded by this news--my story, “Seven Dreams Under the Knife,” was picked up by Snow Monkey for their May 2009 issue--this makes three publications in six weeks

This piece has taken an interesting route to publication. Initially I’d sent it out to a reception of wariness and general incomprehension. One journal offered that it generated "a lot of discussion." This is when it was titled “Metamorphoses”; I often felt criticized as if I’d co-opted a title from Kafka (it was more of an homage). Rather than getting discouraged, however, I persevered. I changed the title twice before I settled on “Seven Dreams Under the Knife” which says exactly what the story is about. 


  1. You are on a roll, man. Keep it up. I resonated to your previous post about revision, too, btw. This comment, in fact, used to be 12,000 words longer.

    I look forward to your story in Snow Monkey!

  2. Thanks Edmond. Prescriptions for writing (and revising) abound. But sometimes the only key that matters to me is the one that gets me published.

  3. By the way a friend of mine, Owen Kaelin, has had a couple of fine, haunting pieces published in Snow Monkey. Check 'em out!

  4. Will do. Looking forward to your pieces, also.