Monday, January 9, 2012

Website Relaunch 2012

I’ve updated and relaunched my website, which has select publications links, a link to this blog, and a contact page. I’ve added a few quality blurbs from journal editors which will hopefully stir the cockles of potential readers, and I’ll be refining the design as I get the urge.

I’m not going to tout it’s wonderful new features, or how it makes an optimal experience for the user, because, frankly, no one cares. I’m just launching the thing, and love it or hate it (I love it a little bit), I hope you’ll take a look and read some of my fiction and maybe want to read more. Thanks to my professional UX instructor who guided me on Dreamweaver.


  1. Congrats on your relaunch 2012! I wish you a happy new year filled with joy. Athena from Seoul

  2. Congrats on your website relaunch! Wish you a happy new year filled with joy. All the best, Athena from Seoul